About Me

Merry Meet dear ones, my name is Angela, Crunchy – Free Spirited – Soap Crafting – Mama.

I am living my dream on our ¼ acre Urban Homestead cushioned between the wilds of Bamboo, Gum and Pine trees alongside a babbling brook.

My lover and soul partner Rob is the muscle and strength and the grounding behind my crazy hare-brained ideas! He keeps me wild and slightly unkempt, I tend to gravitate towards being way too prim and proper, I keep him slightly tamed and in check for human interaction.

Together we nurture our wild children and our wild backyard. My main purpose for being here, other than to journey life alongside Rob, is to be Mother to Tristan, Joshua, Garren and our newest, littlest flower Danika.

I vibrate with adoration daily in knowing that these four souls chose me to nurture and guide them Earth-Side.

I love collecting eggs from my girls in the coop, harvesting fresh home-grown food from my backyard, crafting up bits of wool on my needles and creating love in the form of food and handcrafted natural soaps in my kitchen.

My passion is living by the Seasons and all the magic that comes with it and I always keep my eyes cast high to the skies following our Moon.

Thank you all for the love and support always shown to me an mine. I will not be renewing my contract with this website handcrafted by Angela. Should you choose to keep following you can find me over at