On His Way.

Today Josh leaves for his Leadership Camp.

Spirit of Adventure Berg Hike in Cobham.

He will be hiking through the Drakensburg with his school House.

This hike is to

form a crucial step in leadership identification and role implementation for your son’s senior phase within his House.” (said in an oh so very posh voice)

In other words… they will be sorting through the boys to see whom shows leadership qualities and who will be illegible to become prefects in their final year of high school. (this is a tedious process that happens every year of high school).

Usually at a camp like this the boys pack all the warm clothes and bedding and head off to camp with all food and shelter provided for. This year, they are changing things up a little. The boys have to pack all their equipment for camping and their own food!

Tent, camping gear, food, utensils and means of cooking it all on their backs all through the hike.

So, off he goes out into the wild with his new hiking boots, the trusted family travel ruck sack, his sleeping bag, thermal undies, a small pot to cook in, an enamel cup to drink from, the small camping kettle to boil up water for his coffee addiction, a mini camping stove with fuel and a lunchware box of one packet meals in ziplock bags for the next three days.

I will repeat this again dear humans just in case you didn’t get it…

Wish me.. I mean… him luck please – this Mami’s heart and nerves are all bothered.

I have to keep reassuring myself that he’s going away unable to boil himself an egg and returning home a little more self-sufficient. (or devastatingly starving!).


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