The Morning Of My 39th.

We’re back from our impromptu escape to beautiful Shelly Beach. There is a whole cauldron filled with emotions brewing within me, beginning from before we left to while we were there and now that we are back. I am still trying to sort through them all whilst flipping through precious moments captured while we were away. These few days were so intensely needed. A breather from it all and a time to just BE without the pressures of the corporate world that seem to keep crossing over into our family life.

I will be sharing pictures and video clips of our time away over a couple of updates. I am still working on those but in the meantime I had to share this small clip from our last day there.

It was the perfect end to my 38 years here Earth side, with a message of rebirth and renewal for the future years to come – signs that kept unfolding daily on our holiday.

On the morning of my 39th trip around our Sun they came so close to shore – have a peek here.



  1. Michele

    Oh how I miss my dolphins. We used to live in the big white double story house in Shelly Beach, on the old main road towards Port Shepstone. I had all the land in front of us open and I could sit on my patio and watch the dolphins, the odd whale and the birds diving. Loved this video.

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