Shelly Beach

There were just so many moments captured and recorded that I am still not entirely certain that I have shared all that I wanted to.

The winds howled off the waves that crashed onto to the rocks almost every single one of those days we were blessed to have been there. There was a bright day where the Sun did shine ever so brilliantly off the aquamarine surf and dark days where one could not make out where the horizon met both land and sky. And moments when in all the darkness a mystical ray of bright sparkles would shine down on just one spot in all the vastness of the untamed ocean.

We heard the cries of whales passing by in the witching hours of the night. Lying in awe as its high rich tones sang us to sleep. The magick of dolphins jumping through the turbulent waves captured and brought our wildest sea dreams to life.

Awakening each day to the sound of waves breaking at shore.

The peaceful lullaby in the evenings to the sound of waves crashing on the rocks.

Rob and Garren spent a whole lot more time on the shoreline than Danika and I. Fishing seemed far better for them here and so did the exploration of tidal pools at low tide too. The Kite made it’s maiden voyage into the air along this stretch of beach. (the first since being gifted at Christmas).

This was Danika’s first adventure further than the local supermarket. She was in awe and at the same time strongly adamant at how it all should be. The ocean too loud – the sand that stung as gusts whipped along and covered imprinted footprints from steps before. This was not her time. I felt this all with her. It was more a time for just her and I to be.



  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! It reminds me of our beaches here in Nova Scotia, although we used to be part of Africa. 🙂 Looks like you had the perfect hideaway!

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