Hibiscus Woes.

Rob moved my Hibiscus.

And the day it was moved we had one whopper of a storm. Although we saw the nicer side of said storm, it did take it’s toll on my fragile wilding. Please keep my Hibiscus in your thoughts as we try our utmost to keep it living. My heart would just break into a million pieces if by chance it did not make it. Just the thought of no bright red petals gracing the branches of this wildlings is so overwhelmingly sad.

I am collecting Rose Hips as the Seasons change. This is the first year we have had a harvest. They’re wonderful when brewed but one needs at least 6-8 hips for one cup of fresh Rose Hip tea. I will just keep collecting and keep them to dry out as I go along, these cups will be few and far between and probably only had on special occasions. We are planning to add a few more Rose bushes once the set up of our Kitchen Garden is complete. Just the thought of homemade Rose Water and extra Rose Hips for tea is exhilarating to say the very least. Standard sized, well established Rose bushes are a fortune.. I will have to work towards saving a little every month. Our green kitchen garden bed has been so giving too. We have harvested non stop with the extra going to our girls in the coop. Rob added two small Chilli tress to our new bed too. I love a thinly sliced up Chilli in my salsa and or salad. While pregnant with Danika I added them to everything!

We have been watching the movement of our Sun’s rays and with just one small branch adjustment we have add a whole lot more sunlight to our kitchen garden. Those little seeds are going to sprout for all the world to see.

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