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a little of this, a little of that and clearing the camera to make room for the new moments.

I find both the week before the full moon and the one thereafter I feel a little feverish. I know it all sounds like a cliché but the truth is that it really does happen. The week before there are a swirl of high emotions that peak and then simmer just after in a bewilderment and daze. And, I am learning that our sweet young girl human feels these exact emotions too.

I posted something every day last week about our time away. What a wonderful time. And this week we have all tried to re-accustom ourselves to home normality again. But in saying that – it wasn’t a normal week. The younger two boys are on their last school holiday, before the end of the school year, so it has been a rather lazy week. Very late mornings and evenings and absolutely nothing but them just being boys in between. Garren, Danika and I are also recovering from a ’bout of “that climate changing flu bug” on return from our time away. I just could not “self-help” us this time, we had to make our way to the doctor and let him assist in the recovery with non-natural medicine for all three of us. I do believe that it has its place when needed. I just do not make a habit of it. And it is the first for the year so I feel proud to have lasted this long. The good news is that we are all on the mend again.

We have had rain. I wont go further than that in fear of jinxing the flow of these slow and intermittent drops that are quenching our parched earth. Our Pansies are all flowering and are a delight in salads. I do hope they keep on giving for next week’s birthday celebration. I have plans for them to be part of the decor. I found pretty purple flower embellishments for Bonnie Bear. She is almost done now, I just need to sew up her shoes and add the finishing touches then she will be ready to be boxed up waiting for the big day. I realised that I did not get on to add Woolen Wips for the week. In days gone by I would have been distraught and utterly thrown off kilter. But, strangely I am not and absolutely fine with this. I cant believe that I am saying it either. (insert chuckle here). I’m learning to take things as they come and just realise that I cant control everything and that includes a blog update!

We have Jethro to visit for the weekend which will lessen the demand of attention from all the men/boy folk for me here at the cottage. Garren and I have the full series of Harry Potter to get through together and I will be prowling ravelry for a Cowl and Summer Vest patterns (do you have any suggestions or a pattern for me?). I have never knit up a cowl and all the cowl pictures in my newsfeed are making me yearn for one. The Summer vest is for Danika, the beautiful one she has was gifted by my dearest friend Jeanette has now has finally seen the last of its wear. It will now be placed in here memories box for her to treasure in later years.

Have a blessed weekend!

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