Cousins + Bubbles

We recently caught up with special family. Small beings are always fun to have here at the Cottage.

Small beings and their Mamas! These small cousins are all around the same age. All under 3ish and made from similar cloth of the tribe and are so very different. It always intrigues me how littlies, although only a few months apart either way, grow and develop at totally different rates. So very unique. I know it has a lot to do with the “Village” that helps the Mamas along the way and the whole gene pool thing. But, it still is such an amazingly powerful thing to watch as they play.

I still stick to my previous convictions.. “Children like Chickens are hard to Capture” 🙂

This week I also took the plunge and order me this website. All squeaky new and clean. I had planned on just using as my online store, but got carried away and decided to try and keep everything all together in one place. It is still a work in progress and I am still busy working on the store, you know making up products and finalising the finer details of the process of setting up a store online from scratch. I guess you wondering why bother. I bother because I felt slightly abused by a few of the “Craft Marketplaces” out there. Their mark up on my actual products in the end was atrocious. And Etsy isn’t kind in offering the same love South Africa as it does to most parts of the world.

My handcrafted Offerings are made with love and of course made to be sold to everyone.

So, this led me to here.

I hope this finds a small space in your heart to come back to and should there be something your heart finds pleasing – maybe then use that to help support handcrafted by Angela.

Bless you dear ones.

love as always, Angela.

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