Cooler Mornings.

I couldn’t resist capturing this moment this morning before I had to wake him for his day.

She certainly doesn’t give him any more attention than he deserves. She is still pretty much a Mama’s girl and given time I know she and him will be inseparable. He is just a little impatient at the moment.

The first week back at our Barefoot Home School has been on the rocky side. But, I think today went a little better and hope that the next week we will be back into our rhythm of studies and home life all jumbled as one. I knew that at times it wouldn’t be smooth sailing and it is now that I need to remind myself of this.

The mornings are considerably cooler as are the evenings. So much so, that I have placed all Summer jarmies in the back of the cupboards for now and I am making lists of who needs what in the clothing department for the new Season. As the boys get older their clothes last a couple more seasons. Danika on the other hand is growing like a weed and so I will have to make my way into town to get a few more warmer items to get us through for the next few months.

I am so grateful it’s Friday and the weekend is almost upon us. Anything exciting happening for you in your space? I have lovely new items to photograph for my Shoppe and cant wait to share them with you and it is perfect weather to finish reading “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” to the small boy.

The weather forecast reveals a cold front is on its way. (thank goodness – I have stocked up on masala mixes for a Curry or two 🙂 )

love as always, Angela

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