Earth Rocks

This weekend was Earth Day. Did you take a moment or two to give it a thought?

Our precious Mother Earth.

This year the world emphasis was on the change of behavior and attitude of humans towards plastic.

I have been giving it a whole lot of thought for quite some time now. On my once a week rendezvous into town to get groceries, supplies for the Shoppe and post or courier off various orders – I see plastic in everything. Whether you are supporting a certain brand of milk or grabbing for a bunch of bananas in the fruit & veg aisle at the local Checkers or Food Market. It’s tough, to process it all. And, I have been trying to eliminate as much of all this plastic as I can. From buying fruit and veggies fresh (EVEN, growing my own where I can) to finding new re-usable containers for our milk (yes, we have found someone who can supply the fresh stuff).

This brings me to where I was going with this post.


Yes, dear ones, I purchased for my family and a few extra to have them to share with you too. And, I am processing them to purchase over at my Shoppe & Offerings.

“The hundreds of choices we make each day impact the environment. Sometimes it is a big decision… Sometimes it’s as small as changing your toothbrush”

Adult & Child can now own a environmentally sustainable and biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. The handle is completely compost- able (is that even a word?). And, it is made of only parts of bamboo that those precious Pandas dont like anyway.

Bamboo grows in abundance, as you seen (if you follow on Instagram) in my backyard.

I am truly excited about this little addition, albeit a small one. I say small cause I only have a few to share with you over at my Shoppe & Offerings.

Will one of these be yours?

love as always my special friends, Angela.

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