Forest of Pine Tea

I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the mundane of housework or meal planning this week. It could be because we are planning on getting away for the long weekend and so my mind is preoccupied with that. It’s Robs birthday and all he wants, before the real Winter chill sets in, is to spend some time down the coast at our usual spot with his Brother. Personally I am not complaining. I need to unwind again and feel sea sand under foot and cool salty water trickling over my toes. Josh may need it more than all of us. He has caught a nasty flu bug that has left him rather weak and lethargic.

Yes, sea air and sunshine will do us all the world of good.

I cut my first batch of traditional cold process soap and to honour Earth Day I felt called upon to harvest Pine Needles (with the helpful muscle of Rob) for Pine tea from our very own backyard.

This tea was infused in my Pine Tea & Juniperberry handcrafted soaps. I also scented them with Cedarwood and Juniperberry Essential Oils. I added natural green in the form of Spirulina Powder for detoxifying properties. The earthy aromas coming from my Wine-rack (which has now become my curing shelf for my soaps – priorities, right? 😉 ) is something magickal. And, I find myself peering in to see how they are doing all through the day.

I cant wait until they cure. I may feel sad to see these forest like beauties go.

You will only be able to purchase a small bar of my backyard forest at the end of May.

It has been a busy week in my Shoppe. I have added such sweet Offerings that contribute to our Natural Living here on Mama Earth. I do hope that you love them as much as I do. In celebration of Rob’s 36th trip around the Sun I have a sale on all my Glycerine Soaps! The Shoppe will stay open over the weekend and I will tend to orders when I return on Tuesday.

A blessed Samhain and New Year to my specials here in the Southern Hemisphere and to my dearests up North may your Beltane fires burn brightly!

love as always my friends, Angela xx


  1. 💖Enjoy your visit to the beach. I hope Josh feels better.
    🎁Happy Birthday to Rob!🎉
    Your soap sounds amazing. I hope your Shoppe experiences great business.

    • Thank you so much darling, we had an absolute blissful time away. This should hopefully get us through the next season of coldness 🙂

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