The Last Of Summer’s Tides

We’re back from our time away down the South Coast!

It was a bittersweet weekend. Celebrating Rob’s Birthday, paddling in rock pools and then saying goodbye to the tides for the next couple of colder seasons ahead of us. We spent most of our time at our private spot we love so, collecting broken shells and wading in the perfect rock pools.

This time we also ventured further down to Rocky Bay and I am so very glad we did. It is such a beautiful bay for swimming and at the right time of day an exquisite rock formation peeks out from the waves – which I know would hold the most beautiful reef life. We did have plans to pack our snorkeling kits and body boards and become part of the reef the following day but the weather was a little rough so we drove further down so the children could walk through Pure Venom Reptile Park. They loved it while I, on the other hand, will have nightmares for days.

The small short clip below is a few moments from Rocky Bay.


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