That Was Yesterday

When things don’t go quite the way she would like, she ever so slowly (in a rather dramatic way) falls to the ground – rolls to her back with eyes to the sky and wails disgracefully..

He’s going through pretty much the same thing … running to the back end of yard to stamp his feet in the wet cold grass and scream it all out to the pines.

It isn’t pretty to say the very least but that’s how they vent! And I just leave them to it…

Now put these two fiery souls, on a bad day, together!!

Yesterday was one of those, she was particularly grumpy and out of sorts and he – just generally frustrated with me – and – well..

End – that beautiful bruise on her forehead received when she “flung” herself gracefully against the wooden armrest of our couch during a disagreement about who would clear the magnetic board!

That was yesterday.. And this is today (well 95% of the day thus far)

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