Her First Visit To Crafty Duck Animal Farm

The weekend before last we meandered our way up the mountain to The Crafty Duck Animal Farm.

It was Danika’s first visit with the once popular Urban Farm along the Table Mountain Road. When Garren was a whole lot younger and a cuddlier toddler he would proclaim, each time we drove passed its sign, that this was “his place”. It was an absolute treat to take him there to pet and help feed the farm animals. Fast forward a good couple of years later, with a sweet small girl in the picture, we find the need to find our way back there so she can share the same experience.

Sadly, I wish I could say that the experience was as fulfilling for her (and us) as it was for him back then. The past few years have not fared well on this once magickal playground. The low down by the new owner is that the previous menagerie gambled away all the profits and loans taken against the farm. How deeply sad. And it shows.

The new owners are now trying to rebuild this once safe haven for all the animals and reclaim its magick with its once regular patrons.

I do hope that they do.

It would be ever so lovely to walk the paths of the Crafty Duck Village and feel that love again.

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