Mid Year

I know, I know… it has been over a month since I posted and updated. I do apologise, Mid Year everything always seems to catch up with me before I know where I am. Mid year exams are almost done for Joshua, he finishes off tomorrow. Garren will be done (hopefully) at the end of … [Read more here…]

The First Five A Side

The past weekend we spent our Saturday along side the soccer field at our first 5 a side game of the season. When we started homeschooling we knew that Garren would need to join some sort of sports club and seeing that his bestie, Ry, was already with Savages Football Club it seemed only befitting … [Read more here…]

That Was Yesterday

When things don’t go quite the way she would like, she ever so slowly (in a rather dramatic way) falls to the ground – rolls to her back with eyes to the sky and wails disgracefully.. He’s going through pretty much the same thing … running to the back end of yard to stamp his … [Read more here…]

Forest of Pine Tea

I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the mundane of housework or meal planning this week. It could be because we are planning on getting away for the long weekend and so my mind is preoccupied with that. It’s Robs birthday and all he wants, before the real Winter chill sets in, is to … [Read more here…]