Her First.

It has already been 2 weeks since her big day. One whole 12 Lunar cycles around our Sun. I am at a loss for words but know that this needs to be done before I just dont.How has one year already passed us by? We are all still uncomprehendingly awestruck by your light and even … [Read more here…]

The Morning Of My 39th.

We’re back from our impromptu escape to beautiful Shelly Beach. There is a whole cauldron filled with emotions brewing within me, beginning from before we left to while we were there and now that we are back. I am still trying to sort through them all whilst flipping through precious moments captured while we were … [Read more here…]

Happy Birthday Garren.

Happy Birthday Dear Garren. We celebrated Garren’s 9th spin around our Sun. Of, course as with all things I do, I do them in excess – like, for instance photograph taking. Tristan so kindly took over with just what we should share from the bazillion and one moments captured and put together this little motion … [Read more here…]

19 years on

Yesterday was Tristan’s 19 birthday. 19……… where oh where have all those 19 years gone I asked myself that morning as I was busying myself with my early morning chores before having to rudely awaken the younger two boys for school. I thought back to that special day in 1996 when I was a few … [Read more here…]