Woolen WIPS

Hot off the needles and oh what a difference from all the ones before. I think I am quite enthralled by this rich creamy double knit Foxy Neckwarmer. I have made quite a few before, all different colours on different sized needles with different gifted balls of wool. I may have a soft spot for … [Read more here…]

Thank You July.

I am totally in love with the fact that I am sharing everything off one platform. I have my shop >here< and links to Ravelry >here< Instagram >here< and Facebook >here<. There is even a little space for my shares for my Wild Witch Cottage. Something more personal, it may not be for everyone and … [Read more here…]

And Again.

  I have been running. Nowhere in particular really. Maybe more like a good ol’ sprint in one place. I have a gazillion photographs to sift through and I’m sure I will get to share them eventually. But this last week has found Rob and I filling humidifiers, filling humidifiers with essential oils of eucalyptus … [Read more here…]

homespun chicks

I have woken to a morning of blissfully cooler skies and a more comfortable 23 degrees. I cant believe how sweltering it has been over the last few days. Yesterday, midday, saw us reaching temps of over 40 degrees Celsius! How are we expected to cope with this kind of heat? (only Mother Nature dearest … [Read more here…]


Last night it rained. I love the sound of rumblings from the skies and as the rain drops fall on our roof I always get the feeling that all is being cleansed. It is soothing… comforting.  The week has passed by and all I have had strength for was watching series. Game of Thrones and … [Read more here…]

gnome-lets…. completed (yarn along)

I am so very pleased that our goddaughter’s first birthday gift is completed and with still plenty of time to spare. Although it took me a little longer than I initially anticipated – they are all ready and awaiting a pretty gift box, which we are still in the process of finding. Soon as I … [Read more here…]

Yarn Along….. Gnome-lets

It’s been awhile since I posted a knit project! For the last couple of months I have been working on something in secret. I know that my sister keeps a close eye on our updates so sharing that project (for now) will just have to wait a little while longer. But, what I can share … [Read more here…]