Beer Bread.

Bread is the staple of many today in South Africa, as it was in the past. I find that it’s a go to for toast with eggs (from our girls in the coop) in the morning for breakfast, sliced with cheese and variety of different toppings for lunches and even as fresh warm side-dishes with … [Read more here…]

One Pot Bread

One Pot Bread…. It really is! Ok except for the one bowl you mix all the ingredients in, this is truly a One Pot Bread recipe. Its so super easy, with just an over night resting period, and your family is going to love it! I couldn’t think of a better first recipe to share … [Read more here…]

Early Morning Pickings

Early morning pickings…. Just after the early morning dew has evaporated, is the best time to harvest just a few of these beautiful petals for my Rose Water.Rose water has been used in cooking and cosmetics for years.Perfect for love and healing – ask Rob he is absolutely and completely in love with it.Whippin up … [Read more here…]