On His Way.

Today Josh leaves for his Leadership Camp. Spirit of Adventure Berg Hike in Cobham. He will be hiking through the Drakensburg with his school House. This hike is to “form a crucial step in leadership identification and role implementation for your son’s senior phase within his House.” (said in an oh so very posh voice) … [Read more here…]

Nine Full Moons.

You are determined and stubborn and knowing. Smiles are not parted with easily but when given they brighten your whole being. You speak so intensely with your eyes. Your eyes that pierce right through to our souls. Your eyes that know things, other things, not from this world things. You have a love for food … [Read more here…]

In Reality.

It’s the first catch up for this years yarn along today and I am so looking forward to linking up. So, what has happened since we last connected? Let’s see… I posted a little of my thoughts for this coming year. I opened shop and I chose my word! In all of that I added … [Read more here…]


So, on my post Sock Wool last year… last month, I had mentioned that I was considering New Years Resolutions (of sorts) for the year. I had given up on them so far back – that in truth I was kind of at a loss as to how to go about starting them all again. … [Read more here…]

Sock Wool

Merry in between everything day everyone. This little space between Christmas and the New Calendar year is always wonderful. One coming down from the high of the holidays and reflecting on whats new on the horizon for the Calendar year. Do you do resolutions every year? I haven’t for a good couple years gone by … [Read more here…]

santa’s message

I absolutely love this time of the year. Especially this week, the week that leads up to Christmas Day, I’ve always been about getting the kids all crazy excited for the day. Garren has been getting his yearly message from Santa for years now and we have just added Danika to Santa’s long list of … [Read more here…]

changing tables

This sweet little flower of ours is a whole two months. I look at her precious little face and ask where on this sacred earth does the time go to? Surely not two whole months already? But, in all honesty, I have to check myself and just come to terms with it and acknowledge it. … [Read more here…]