Shelly Beach

There were just so many moments captured and recorded that I am still not entirely certain that I have shared all that I wanted to. The winds howled off the waves that crashed onto to the rocks almost every single one of those days we were blessed to have been there. There was a bright … [Read more here…]

Riverbend Crocodile Farm

The weather was poorly most of our time away down the South Coast. With winds that howled off the waves and the on-and-off-again outburst of wetness that fell from the sky. Minding two small humans cooped up inside all this time proved to be a challenge especially when they are accustomed to so much freedom … [Read more here…]

The Morning Of My 39th.

We’re back from our impromptu escape to beautiful Shelly Beach. There is a whole cauldron filled with emotions brewing within me, beginning from before we left to while we were there and now that we are back. I am still trying to sort through them all whilst flipping through precious moments captured while we were … [Read more here…]