Worms And Worms

The weekend blessed us with glorious weather.. Well, if you can call 40 degree Celsius highs in the shade glorious! I shouldn’t complain really, it was the first weekend in quite sometime where we haven’t been gallivanting off somewhere into town to get supplies for the start of the boys new school year and the … [Read more here…]

First Day Of Big School

 I have been through this already twice before and one would think that by now I would have gotten used to the emotional-roller-coaster-ride-of-a-day that the first day of grade one would bring.  But no! Not I…. While I sit here and try to make sense of how to put those emotions into words, I am … [Read more here…]

And So We Begin Again

I have no words…. Except to say this ~ To all our children who have waved goodbye to late morning slumberings and dirty barefooted playful lazy Summer holidays….May your first day back at school be blessed with much excitement and wonderous new adventures! Angie xxx

And then before Christmas….

Tis the season to be…… rained out! We have had days upon days.. weeks upon weeks of rain! I’m not complaining, really, we have had a very dry spell the last season and we are in dire need of these gorgeous refreshing rain drops. It’s just that when the rain pours the kiddos get all … [Read more here…]

School Scene

October is Cancer month around these parts… If you drive along the little roads that lead off the city roads towards the school you will see all the trees lining these little roads wrapped in pink. It has been all the buzz around town, and for those who do not go to our little school, … [Read more here…]

Go! Friends ~ Go!

It was Garren’s first swimming gala and all the little Imps swam like beautiful little “fish-es”. Their songs of “Go! Friends ~ Go!” as they encouraged their fellow friends in their swimming races are still echoing through me. I shall never tire of all the firsts……….. *sigh*

Yarning Along

I couldn’t agree more with Ginny over at the beautiful  Small Things … Knitting and reading, although not done at the same time, are two of my favourite things too! I have so enjoyed joining in the last few times on her Yarn Along Wednesday Link-Up, that I have now decided to dedicate a day … [Read more here…]

This. That. The Other

Some of This…. Coop Shenanigans ~ Fluffy Butts Some of That…. Nasturtium ~ The Edible Flower Some of the Other…. Q ~ Quarrelsome Queen A little bit of Us…. Shared with friends over at the Simple Saturdays Blog Hop.