Signing Of Shirts

Oh my how time has flown… We are almost at the end of the year and the end of Tristan’s school career!This is the part were I’m supposed to tell you how old I feel…But, Ive decided bugger it! I’m as young as I’m meant to be and I wouldn’t want it any other way. … [Read more here…]

Getting Our Knit On

Some mornings….. Just before school… These two best friends just have to get their knit on! It is small things like this… that remind me to treasure moments! Enjoy the small things friends. LoveAngie xxx

The Life Of Thor

Sometimes a blessing comes into your life when you least expect it. And sometimes as quickly as that blessing comes your way it is just as swiftly taken away. I for one am still reeling in thought as to why the powers that be would send us such happiness and then before we blink take … [Read more here…]

It Was There All Along

The needles on the tops of the Pine Trees rustle as the winds howl through the forest this evening.Our Sun could have set already but I cant seem to see it for all the shades of grey  that have come rumbling in..Darker clouds wrapping around the already lighter shades and there is a low grumble … [Read more here…]

Butter Mint Fudge

Remember the Oh So Easy Coconut Fudge? It was delicious right? Ever since whipping it up it has been demanded almost weekly by the boys. But what does one do when one runs outta Coconut Oil? *gasp* I know.. who runs out of Coconut Oil? Well this girlfriend did…. and I had to make a … [Read more here…]

Homemade Oreos

Biscuits.. Cookies…. Small Cakes.. Biscotto Name them what you will – they are my nemesis. I have never been able to get them right! I either take them out after a few minutes longer than they should have been in for or not left them in for as long as they should be there for! … [Read more here…]

Easy Peezy Aroma Play Dough

Who says that playdough is just for the munchkins? ahem… Girlfriend loves the stuff and I always make sure that come the colder winter months of the year we are stocked up! I never buy the store bought varieties that you can get ‘ cause you never know what toxic ingredients are looming in the … [Read more here…]

Oh So Easy Coconut Fudge

You know when you have one of those recipes you are just way too excited about and just cant wait to share? Yes – those ones… Well this is one of those ones! I have been feeling a little guilty of late, I haven’t really knuckled down and tucked in to whipping up something different … [Read more here…]