The Season Of Awakenings

Tis time for the beginnings of Spring!Where we will be keeping our eyes to the skies as the migratory birds start returning. The flittering signs of new growth shall appear as our acceptance of Winter is giving way to urge on new growth and stretch new shoots of beautiful brilliant greens and new life for … [Read more here…]

Meeting Blair

Jack frost visited this morning, he left the blades of the grass all frozen, and with that, a mystical haze of wispy mist.. As we near our Winter Solstice I cant but wish the days away until the lighter half of the year is upon us. I know I shouldn’t really, but the early morning … [Read more here…]

How much is enough

There are times when emotions just cannot be put in to words no matter how hard you try. That may be why I haven’t written a proper post for a little while now. Please look at this face and tell me you can’t see the love that radiates from those beautiful brown eyes surrounded by … [Read more here…]

Winter Vibrations

As the seasons change, so does the mood and daily happenings at our home. The Dark half of the year brings about a little more togetherness (may be for warmth?) and although there is still much laughter and happiness, there is a somberness to the vibrations around me. It is colder and darker than before.As … [Read more here…]

Red Is For Girls

Blue Velvet Cupcakes… Why not red ones?? “cause red is for gggirrlls Mmom….” And then what does that make me?? “… just my Mom….” and that’s why we baked the Blue Velvet cupcakes…

Boundless Joy

Merry day of the Sun,And oh what a merry day it has been thus far.Our Mama Mavis has finally blessed us with our very first egg… It was almost as if she was waiting for me to heal up enough to get into the coop and reclaim my weekly coop cleaning duties.There is much excitement … [Read more here…]

Early Morning Pickings

Early morning pickings…. Just after the early morning dew has evaporated, is the best time to harvest just a few of these beautiful petals for my Rose Water.Rose water has been used in cooking and cosmetics for years.Perfect for love and healing – ask Rob he is absolutely and completely in love with it.Whippin up … [Read more here…]

Today I Shall Be A Chicken

Beautiful warm winter sun-filled skies have graced our day. Although our mornings and evenings are considerably colder, I have to admit that our midday temps are just gorgeous….    Garren has a Farm Dress Up day at school, so you can just imagine the excitementA Bok-ing Chicken is the chosen dress of the day…… 

Breathing In Deeply

I was helped to the lapa this morning to watch the warm brilliance of the sunrise while ever so slowly sipping on my first brew of the day….  Breathing in deeply… taking in the beauty that we have been blessed with on our little 1/4 acre of happiness. The tiniest of little Mannequins darted between … [Read more here…]

Through The Window

I’ve awoken to another day where the sky is blanketed by hues of greys all mingled… and the wrangling of early winter’s icy fingers grasping tightly to the walls of our warm home. The light whispers of the chilled winds wisp playfully around the tops of our fir trees and another pine cone drops to … [Read more here…]