Candle Dipping

We took the all the boys out into the Midlands and through the Meander today… A new hammock for the garden, a few new friends made at the various organic farm stops and lastly chocolate dipping and a light lunch (yes… in that order ) at Nottingham Road.. Oh and before I forget, the boys … [Read more here…]

Mundane Morning Chores

The quiet of the cool early morning is my special time.  As the rest of our home still slumbers, I go about my early morning chores and peacefully plan the day ahead. Ok, so chores are taking a little longer than normal as I took a tumble down a few stairs and hurt my already … [Read more here…]

Clearing The Camera

Soaking up the glorious vitamin sun rays on an Autumn weekend afternoon, that’s what we do best on our homestead. It’s also our family time. I love catching up with the brother’s this way.. Photo’s taken for a few of Oumie’s friends. Orders for Pirate Beanies have been a huge success for her. What better … [Read more here…]

A Family Renunion

It has been a few years since this Mama’s baby sister has come home for a visit from Australia. Our youngest of the brother’s barely remembers her although when he sees photo’s floating on our desktop monitor of her – he will proudly say “That’s Mom’s sister!” Then they finally meet again…. after all these … [Read more here…]

Morning Glory?

The debate about the name of these gorgeous white flowers… has finally come to an end… Many said… White Morning Glory… Close look-a-like…. but really these ones only open in the early evening…. Rob swore blind it couldn’t possibly be Moon Flowers…. But special people, It is…. beautiful Moon flowers……. I love them…. *sigh* The … [Read more here…]

Meet The Zulus

Our spring chicken adventure was supposed to start in spring. Yeah, I hear you saying “Hold on a minute.. Aren’t we half way through Summer??” Yes friends, we are ~ I know, but sometimes we just gotta roll with the punches and when certain adventures don’t go according to plan we have to know that … [Read more here…]