Cooler Mornings.

I couldn’t resist capturing this moment this morning before I had to wake him for his day. She certainly doesn’t give him any more attention than he deserves. She is still pretty much a Mama’s girl and given time I know she and him will be inseparable. He is just a little impatient at the … [Read more here…]

Cousins + Bubbles

We recently caught up with special family. Small beings are always fun to have here at the Cottage. Small beings and their Mamas! These small cousins are all around the same age. All under 3ish and made from similar cloth of the tribe and are so very different. It always intrigues me how littlies, although … [Read more here…]

take a walk with Danika.

  I have been noticing subtle changes outside of late. Mornings chores that were once done in brilliant bright sunlight have become a darker and if it weren’t for the chirping of the birds one might think that it may be midnight out there. The heat is still here and will probably be here for … [Read more here…]

Family Earthing.

Backyard earthing every Sunday seems to be our “thing”. Even when family come to meet and greet and feast. I am ever so thankful the atrocious heat kept a distance – the reprieve meant that we could let the wee ones run wild and free to their hearts content. With cooler weather comes cloud cover … [Read more here…]