Welcome February

Thank you ever so much dearest longest January.  You were kind yet oh so very long. You gave us bountiful harvests from the veggie garden, plenty of outside time in the cooler afternoons and near the end of the month a magnificent downpour to wash away all that heat and dryness.  And, you finished it … [Read more here…]

…. continued

welcome to Sweet Tea & Toast, a small space with all the same shares about the same people you all followed over at Wild Wytch Cottage.  i am looking for a space to share more of those shares with a little more knitting more serious gardening and my new adventure into my new life of … [Read more here…]


it seems like a lifetime has passed since I was able to log on… it is the strangest of weather we have been experiencing. Grey days filled with all the same shades that are our clouds and where even my moods have been mirroring the same feels. So very unusual for this time of the … [Read more here…]

The Frog

there was a frog in the kitchen …  actually under closer inspection there were a couple of them. One with black beady eyes and much larger than the one on its back. I thought their visit to my kitchen was to help remove the last of the flying ants from the floor that needed to … [Read more here…]

In News.

  .. this will be my catch up post .. I haven’t updated for a bit now, it seems I may still be on a slow and steady recovery and self healing from my stint in the hospital a week or so ago. I am absolutely fine, really. You go in for a certain thing … [Read more here…]


we have been spending a whole lot more time outside thanks to the seasonal weather.. Although there are days were a tie-dye of grey covers the sky the temps are still pretty warm right into the evening. we are in for a good Summer ahead. Our pool pump has gone to the workshop for a … [Read more here…]