The wheel of the year turns again dear sweet humans!Bright brilliant blessings at this time when the hours of the day and night are again in balance. I love that this time of the year signifies renewal and abundance and new life to come. I have been silently watching and waiting and I know that … [Read more here…]

Woolen WIPS

Hot off the needles and oh what a difference from all the ones before. I think I am quite enthralled by this rich creamy double knit Foxy Neckwarmer. I have made quite a few before, all different colours on different sized needles with different gifted balls of wool. I may have a soft spot for … [Read more here…]

New Moon

The New Moon is always a time of beginnings. It is my favourite phase through the lunar cycle because of the promise of new things to come. It is a time of hope and renewal. A time to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. So go and plant your seeds and set your intentions … [Read more here…]

Degrees in Celcius

6 . 38 . 37 . 19 . 26 . 31 . 20 I wish these were the winning numbers for this weeks’ Lotto draw – but they’re not. These numbers were the high temps (in degree Celsius) that we experienced this week and it is only September! I am a little worried as to … [Read more here…]

Pretty Flowers.

I almost didn’t make it out of bed for most of the week. That darn flu bug caught me in its cold cruel talons good and solid, although not completely healed I do feel so much better. I have been able to fare the worst of Winter and now the change into Spring without a … [Read more here…]