Welcome September.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omsV6gtxg3Q] https://youtu.be/omsV6gtxg3Q Welcome the month of September, the month of Ostara, the month of the Spring Equinox. May it be blessed with just enough of what we all really need. The Brightest of Blessings,

Spring Serendipity Luxury Handcrafted Soap.

I am thrilled to announce this shop update and just in time for Imbolc. These luxury handcrafted soaps are infused with dried Chamomile, Hibiscus & Lavender flowers and Rose Essential oil. [ecwid_product id=”89133710″ display=”picture title price options addtobag” version=”2″ show_border=”1″ show_price_on_button=”1″ center_align=”1″]

Thank You July.

I am totally in love with the fact that I am sharing everything off one platform. I have my shop >here< and links to Ravelry >here< Instagram >here< and Facebook >here<. There is even a little space for my shares for my Wild Witch Cottage. Something more personal, it may not be for everyone and … [Read more here…]

A Week of Nine’s

We’ve had a week of 9s… Danika hit her 9 month milestone and Garren his 9th year trip around our not so-very-warm-but-bright Winter Sun. What a week indeed, I’d say I feel a little older (and I do) but not from my seeing in their milestones but rather the head cold that I have been … [Read more here…]

Happy Birthday Garren.

Happy Birthday Dear Garren. We celebrated Garren’s 9th spin around our Sun. Of, course as with all things I do, I do them in excess – like, for instance photograph taking. Tristan so kindly took over with just what we should share from the bazillion and one moments captured and put together this little motion … [Read more here…]

Nine Full Moons.

You are determined and stubborn and knowing. Smiles are not parted with easily but when given they brighten your whole being. You speak so intensely with your eyes. Your eyes that pierce right through to our souls. Your eyes that know things, other things, not from this world things. You have a love for food … [Read more here…]

The Moon After Yule.

Full Moon blessings dear Tribe. This is not a time to fight, rather surrender to the will of Spirit, even if you are being asked to let go completely and tumble into the brink of Creation itself….. Full Moon is Now in Capricorn until the 10th July 6.33 am Be.. Ambitious * Focussed * Practical