Let It Be.

Hello there, Greetings, Sawubona, Merry Meet & Welcome. I am so very excited to share here with you all. As you can see I am sporting a new look (again – but this time, to stay for a while J ) and a new url name. I am officially angelaallan.com sweet beautiful beings!! I am … [Read more here…]

She’s Jailbound.

So this baby girl child started crawling, well not really crawling it’s more like a downward dog facing hop. I really have tried to capture this precise moment – I think she knows this because she is just not letting it happen. It’s like those eyes of hers, that peer straight into my soul – … [Read more here…]

That Talk.

This week past I had to have that little talk with the small boy child. Not THAT talk but rather along the lines of the “don’t talk to strangers” talk. We have done this talk before, but not so intensely – he really was so little and didn’t ask too many questions. Now there are … [Read more here…]

Then There Was Change.

And then there was change. Change for the better I hope. I’ve been a blogger.com girl for years. I loved the way that I could choose how my layout of my blog looked, how I could add external pages into my blog like my shop for instance and if I didn’t like the look of … [Read more here…]

And Again.

  I have been running. Nowhere in particular really. Maybe more like a good ol’ sprint in one place. I have a gazillion photographs to sift through and I’m sure I will get to share them eventually. But this last week has found Rob and I filling humidifiers, filling humidifiers with essential oils of eucalyptus … [Read more here…]

Tagging the little ones.

Dressed up in our winter warmests to keep out the cold front that had arrived and with fold out chairs under arms we made our way to support Garren in his first Tag Rugby Festival this weekend gone. I had to search good ol’ Wikipedia for a little insight into this form of Rugby. As, … [Read more here…]

Jolly Jumping

I’ve been slow this week in updates. There are like a gajillion moments I could share here or on Instagram but I just haven’t yet. It seems that it may just be that time of the year (I hope it is) and by the end of this month life may just calm itself to a … [Read more here…]

Winter Is Coming.

    As I sit here and write this type this, I’m mentally preparing for the first cold front of the Season to sweep on in. I think they are predicting snow. Who has snow in May, In Africa? I don’t think that it will be anywhere close enough for us to venture out and … [Read more here…]